Where Depression Come From ? That You Need To Know

Well, I’m going to tell you various reasons to know exactly, where depression come from? There are tones of tones reasons that can put you under depression.

Before proceeding to know the top causes,you just need to understand that: There is only one person that can push you under depression is You!

As no one else can push you to do anything. In reality, We choose our emotion just like we choose what to eat and when to eat? Is it good for health or it can damage our body.

Likewise, when others control over you, your happiness and productivity will disappear forever.Keep that point in mind. May be I depressed for a movement and next movement I will become too happy and productive.

It may be for a day, for a months and so on. You just need to identify your reason and find the solution to overcome it. And the great thing is that every problem has solution. We just need to put some effort.

I am going to divide the all of causes into Three main category. Give some time and find in which category you are in and how to get out of it.

  • Personal 

  • Professional

  • Health

These are the top 3 reasons that can cause depression to anyone in the world. Rest fall under these category what else you could think comes under these there main category.

I am going to explain each one of them for you to understand in better way reasons of depression and stress.

Personal Cause Of Depression:

many places with in our wired mind and some of the triggered points in personal cause is that:

  • High expectation and less effort
  • Overthinking or Over-analyzing the situations
  • Social interaction failure leads to depression
  • Loving someone above self
  • Performance failure in the views of others
  • Bad Relationship with partners and family
  • Divorce also elevates risk for depression but only for some people. Click Here To read full article
  • Being lonely in other words Have very less social contact leads to depression etc.

Above all the personal cause that could made you depressed and lower your productivity and happiness from the life of anyone.

Solution of Personal cause: is to do Meditation and Few specific Yoga Posture that will enhance your thought process and increase your mental power and make it strong.

Professional Causes:

Are you a job seeker or already doing job for a person or company? If yes. Please go ahead and read it.This is for you. rather than personal cause, professional cause will not put you under depression for a long time.

Sometimes professional cause is good for your progress and sometime it is very bad for you if you take it personally. This is the category where next Steve Jobs and future billionaire born.

You just need to skilled yourself like billionaire mentality and put more effort to achieve it.

But the problem is, it is very tough to change mentality for job seeker. if you stick with your job then you may be preparing to depressed.

In professional numbers of reasons may be like:

  • Lack of money
  • Doesn’t have enough required Skill Set
  • Job-Less
  • High Expectation of Boss to You and does not full filled leads to depression because of fear to loose job
  • Not Having enough knowledge of your working domain
  • Having More Debts may leads to depression
  • Economic Depression. Click Here for full article etc.

These are the major cause in professional that could depressed you even I, myself also depressed for sometimes.But i overcome it through my strong positive will power and my determination.

Solution is very simple is that: Start working for Skills and Knowledge not for money. Gain more and more experience as you could. Be expert in your working domain and have all required skills and knowledge will lead you success.And this will make your more happy and productive throughout the life.


Who is your actual life partner? Mom, Dad, Wife, Son, Husband, Daughter or Friends. Not at all. Your real life partner is your Body. It may annoy you but the truth is always there.

Once your body stops responds you no one is with you. You and your body always stay together from birth to death.The more you care your body, the more body will care to your mental fitness.

What you eat, what you are doing for being fit, how you deal with stress and how much rest you are giving your body will decide how your mind going to respond you.

Remember your body is the only permanent address where you live until your death.Your body is your asset and liability both.Your body is responsibility for you and for me, mine body.

Overall, Body is directly attached to your health and your physical health highly influenced your mental fitness.

Here,The few Genuine physical symptoms of depression is listed.Click For To See List.

Solution Is:Start doing physical work, Eat healthy and Organic food and make your gut healthy because your healthy gut is directly attached to your healthy minds.

Here The Full Study On Healthy Gut And Healthy Brain. 


Finally, You know what to do and how to do? Hence, start working on your life goal and I always stay away from negative thoughts that can lead depression in me.

So, you can do.

Let me know in which category of depression you felt or you are feeling? Comment below!

Thank you for your attention!

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