What Ayurveda Says About Your Health. A Definitive! guide (First Lesson)

I know you are too excited to know what Ayurveda says about your health. Well, Health is important for all of us.

And some of us, are also frustrated or stressed because of being sick frequently or not feeling well at times.

So we are here, presenting you with some easy-to-follow tips to stay healthy.

Some of these tips talks about Scientific Validations, and some about Ayurveda.

So without taking much time, Here we go:

1.Drinking Water Right When You Wake Up In The Morning

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While you sleep, your body slowly becomes dehydrated because it needs fluid to operate.Naturally, you don’t drink water while you sleep because, well, you’re sleeping!

Its the first point that Ayurveda  said about your health.

Here are five solid reasons to drink a big glass of water right when you wake up.

It Fires Up Your Metabolism:

Drinking a large, cool glass of water after you wake up has been shown to fire up your metabolism by a whopping 24% for 90 minutes!

You’re Dehydrated When You Wake Up:

You just went 7-8 hours without drinking any water! Even if your body isn’t telling you that it’s thirsty, it probably is.

Water Helps Your Body Flush Out Toxins:

Getting fluids into your body right after your wake up will help your body flush out toxins first thing in the morning.

Your Brain Tissue Is 75% Water:

You can feel drained, or experience fatigue or mood fluctuations.

You’ll Eat Less:

One study showed that people who drink a glass of water before every lost 4.5 pounds over a three-month period, because

“it fills up the stomach with a substance that has zero calories”, and people “feel full as a result”.

2.Drinking Buttermilk(Chaksh) After Lunch

glass of chakshHelps Calm The Stomach After A Spicy Meal:

Made with cool, watered down curd, this drink is perfect to soothe the stomach. As you drink it the cool butter milk tends to wash down the spices and calms an irritated stomach lining.

Washes Down Fats:

The ginger, pepper and other spices in the chaksh help to improve digestion and make you feel less uncomfortable.

Aids In Digestion:

Ginger, pepper and Cumin all make excellent digestive agents. Known for their carminative properties individually together in a tall glass of chaksh, they make the best natural digestive out there.

A Great Tool Against Dehydration:

It has salt, water, curd, and spices – all mixed into it make a delicious drink. Packed with electrolytes and lots of water, chaksh is the best thing you can give your body to fight dehydration.

B Complex And Other Vitamins:

Butter milk is a great source of vitamins like vitamin B complex, proteins and potassium.

Reduces Blood Pressure:

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) found in buttermilk is rich in unique bio-active protein that has cholesterol-lowering, antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer properties.

Brings About A Drop In Cholesterol:

A study published by the US national institute of health found that components in chaksh or buttermilk are very effective in keeping ones cholesterol levels under check.

According to Ayurveda practitioners, drinking a tall glass of chaksh once a day, is the best way to keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Ingredients In Chaksh:

  • Fresh curd – half a glass
  • Cold water – One glass
  • Salt – to taste
  • Pepper – two pods
  • Cumin – one small spoon
  • Ginger – one inch piece
  • Kadi patta or curry leaves – two to three leaves
  • Dhania patta – a small bunch of the leaves only
  • Green chilies – one small chilly finely chopped


Take the Pepper, jeera, Kadi Patta, Dhania Patta, Ginger piece in a mortar and pestles and grind them well. Now take the curd and add the water to it.

Mix it well so it forms a homogeneous solution. Now add the salt and the paste to the mixture. Stir well and serve cold. Its very important that Ayurveda recommend you for your better health.

You can also use Heeng, Ajwain when suffering with cough.

3.Drinking milk before 30 min of sleeping at night

cup of milkAccording to Ayurveda, consumption of warm milk is highly recommended at night before a good night sleep.

In The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad, it states,

Don’t forget to drink a cup of hot milk, with a little ginger, cardamom and turmeric. Drinking milk at bedtime helps to induce sound sleep. According to Ayurveda, that milk also nourishes Shukra Dhatu, the body’s highly refined reproductive tissue.

Milk is actually known in the fitness community circles as an agent for healthy weight gain. An 8 oz glass of milk has about 120 calories. Its the third point that Ayurveda said about your health.

Your metabolism slows down a bit as you sleep, so calories consumed right before bed are slightly tougher to burn.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Drinking Milk At Night:

Here the proper explanation why Ayurveda recommend you for your health, milk at night for your better understanding.

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  • Helps Sleeps Well

Having milk before bed can remarkably improve your sleep quality. Milk has tryptophan and bio-active peptides which can positively affect sleep patterns.

In many cases, people who have trouble falling asleep due to stress, a glass of milk at bedtime usually does the trick in getting the much-required relaxation and 8-hour sleep.

  • Aids in Weight Loss

With drinking milk at night weight loss can be achieved.

Drinking milk at night-time may infuse you with a feeling of fullness.

Which can prevent you from waking up due to hunger pangs.

People can successfully combat their midnight-snack urge by merely having a cup of warm milk without worrying about gaining weight.

Also, milk is an essential source of protein which can help maintain blood sugar levels and ensure sufficient energy levels.

Be sure to go in for the low-fat milk version of milk. Cow milk is best for low fat.

  • Builds Healthy Bones

Milk has high levels of vitamin D which is required by the body for absorption of calcium necessary for the formation of healthy bones.

Thus, milk can support the body in healing itself and in the renewal of any depleted vitamin D content.

Furthermore, vitamin D can offset the occurrence and harm caused by many diseases like osteoporosis. And also called the ‘brittle bone’ ailment, heart disease and diabetes.

  • Fosters Good Skin

There can be numerous benefits of drinking milk at night for the skin.

Regular milk intake can improve skin condition by giving it a youthful appearance.

Milk has vitamin B12 which can help avert the loss of skin’s elasticity and collagen infusing it with a beautiful glow and look.

Vitamin A existing in milk may endorse new cell formations and help fight different skin ailments making it radiant and flawless.

  • Provides Energy

Drinking warm milk before sleeping at night can significantly impact your following day. You may wake up full of energy and revitalized.

It may help you jump-start your day on a high note and enable you to remain active and in good spirits all day long.

  • Reduces Stress Levels

Pouring yourself a cup of milk before bedtime can be a great technique to diminish stress.

The protein, Lactium found in milk can produce a soothing influence on the body by reducing blood pressure, relaxing the muscles and lowering cortisol levels and a hormone released by the body when under stress.

Lactium may affect brain receptors to help control stress and anxiety.

  • Controls Cholesterol Levels

Drinking low-fat or no fat milk can do wonders to lower cholesterol levels.

The proteins included in milk can decrease bad cholesterol (LDL) and augment good cholesterol (HDL).

Cow’s milk is full of vitamins A, D and calcium which can positively contribute to the health of your heart.

  • Improves Digestion

The magical mix of honey and milk can have various desirable health benefits.

One of the benefits of drinking milk with honey before bed may include the advancement of healthy digestion.

Milk, when combined with honey, works as a prebiotic which may nurture the growth of good bacteria and eliminate disease-causing bad bacteria in the gut.

  • Safeguards against Cold and Cough

Sipping warm milk prepared by adding a little turmeric at night can be a potent natural remedy to relieve symptoms of cold and cough.

The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of turmeric milk can hasten the recovery process and even prevent its manifestation in the first place.

  • Combats Intestinal Disorders

Drinking cold milk at night can bring about immediate relief from acidity and may aid in keeping other common stomach issues like constipation, flatulence at bay.

The lactic acid present in milk can help neutralize the build-up of acidity in the gut.

Moreover, milk’s high content of calcium can absorb any excess acid produced in the stomach thereby successfully reducing its symptoms.

Merely consuming milk at night may not necessarily induce sleep.

But night milk as part of your daily routine can prove a healthy habit and possibly an effective natural sleep aid.

Relishing a cup of warm milk at bedtime can be a comforting way to conclude your day and settle for the night.

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