Ultimate New Year Guide To Complete Stress-Free Life (2019)

Ultimate New Year Guide To Complete Stress-Free Life. It’s exciting and maybe a little bit scary but it’s true, 2019 started!

Are you thinking about taking on a New Year’s resolution for complete stress-free life?

Whether it’s e.g. exercise more, eat healthier, lose weight, quit smoking, manage money, get more sleep, learn a new skill and much more.

And became more productive this year or accomplish new achievement right.

It is fact that stress has adverse effects on our lives. But we still deny that this could be a mental disorder.

Leading a stressful life, it hinders our efficiency and lowers the ability to live a happy and productive life.

Meditation could decrease the level of stress and physical activities is also a way to get rid of a stressful life.Man writing on white board

So, here is the Ultimate New Year Guide To Complete Stress-Free Life:

1. Drink More Water

This may be one of the more remark New Year’s Resolution Idea.

We should all use little more water in our daily routine.

As we know all the water percentage in our body is more than anything else.

And it also plays a very important role in the chemical reaction of the human body.

The Ayurvedic formula for  water consumption for every individual should be:

Divide your total weight by 10 and subtract it by 2. (in liter)

Follow the above formula and maintain it daily. It will hydrate you and reduce your stress hormones as well.

2. Move More, Sit Less!

Make it a goal in your routine like me to start daily walks in the morning or running in the evening.

Walking habit will always protect you from stress and also save you from several very harmful disease. As we often listen Sitting is worse than Smoking!

So, Start Walking Check It Out!

If your job resists you to sit more then change your posture of sitting.

Start sitting in Vajra-Asana ( The Diamond Posture ) or Padma Asana (Lotus Posture).

3. Pick A Time To Wake Up And Stick To It!

Most recommended time to wake up is 4 to a 5’O clock. Do you know that most successful and healthy people wake up early in the morning?

I am sure you listen to it earlier but maybe you did not implement it yet.

Then you are really missing the most important time of your day.

Choose a time to wake up and do your 20 percent work in the working which will complete you 80 percent task of the day.

I personally do it each morning of my life. You can also!

4. Set Clear Priorities

Do you want to avoid unnecessary stress in the new year? Then It will help you to have a plan.

Think about your first priorities. And it should be aligned with your goal.

Sometimes you just need to say “no” to people because your goal is to not overload yourself.

Working toward stuff that doesn’t matter to your goal or takes away from your ability. Just stop it.

Because it will make you experience stress, conflict, anxiety, and even depression.

Outline your five top first priorities.

It could be personal, professional, financial or a mix of all–based on what matters to you most.

And start working on it.

5. Quit Smoking, Alcohol, And Non-Veg

Probably, It Fears you that you’ve failed too many times to quit these bad things?

Talk to any ex-smoker, alcoholic or non-vegetarian and you’ll see that multiple attempts are often the path to success.

I also tried many times and take proper the Ayurvedic medication then I quit it easily.
Now, I am fully vegetarian and No smoking, No alcohol at all.

Scientific research found that people start smoking more because of lack of the sulfur chemical due to continuous smoking.

Ginger is the great source of sulfur. Whenever smoking comes in your mind start chewing the ginger. But make it sure that it should be organic and in pure form.

Non-Veg is also affected your mind. It lowers your critical thinking.

No doubts it gives flesh but it will be the cause of the destruction of the brain.

Lower Your intellect and will increase cholesterol in your body.

Start avoiding these things and make your body and brain healthy.

6. Feed Your Mind

Start Feeding your mind with great and positive thoughts. It will help you fight with the worst situation of your life.

Read a book in a month. You should read Bhagavad Geeta at least one time.

This book is the first inspirational book in world history.

Start listing people who help you and motivate you to catch your goal. Find a mentor and get in touch via social media.

I share with you what I did personally and really made a positive impact on my life.

Test and find your best way to feed your mind.

7. Get More Sleep

Most probably, You already know that a good night’s rest can do wonders for your brain function.

Sleeping is more beneficial to your mental health that you ever know.

A lack of sleep has been linked to a greater risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, mood disorder, and heart disease. Here the Harvard Research

And healthy sleep is very important for your memory power. So start sleeping in nights!

Make your life full of joy and productiveness. And Smile More!! 🙂

8. Get Out Of Debt

You may be stressed due to the financial crisis like more debt.

It’s become tough to move forward in life if you are under more and more debt.

The road to financial freedom is easy nowadays. Thanks To internet.

It is definitely manageable with a bit of good planning and right knowledge that works better for you to achieve a financial goal.

Create at least a new source of income in 2019. Lower your debts day on day.

You will not believe that how much you will be happy and lower your stress when you have no debts.

9. Never Ever Miss The Breakfast

Breakfast is essential for your health. In the morning time, The digestive power of the stomach is on the highest level of the day.

Eat more and more in breakfast. Breakfast should be healthy and organic.

Eat alkaline food more in breakfast e.g. fruits, Nuts, Ghee, Gram, Peanuts etc.

Believe me or not, form when I start eating more and more in the morning, my physical and mental health both improved tremendously.

So, start It as soon as you can!

I believe that If You read it the whole article and implement it in your daily routine.

Then I can promise You, It will be the ultimate new year guide to complete stress-free life.

Now Your Turns:

Comment below If I forget to mention any important topic based on your perspective.

Let me know your views and thoughts on your new year resolution.

Thank You!

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