3 Warning Of Depression In Student Life that you need to know

Here we are going to talk about top 3 cause of depression in student life that I faced also during my college time.

As I lived my 23 years as a student in various schools and colleges in India, I faced a lot of challenged in my student life.

Some challenges were easy to face but few are very difficult to get out of it and when we are unable to face the challenges then we get frustrate.

Hence it causes anxiety and depression and a lot of stress came to mind .

I saw in my friend circle, few of them ready to quit and one or two still fight with those challenges.

Those guys who phase the problems till the solutions they won and I am one of them who has spirit to fight with problems until i discovered the solution.

Top 3 problems in student life that may causes of depression..


Maximum student have fear to introduce himself in front of teachers and seniors and they always get stressed.

When they face any teachers or seniors and if they do not change this habits it may become the big problem in their future.

You know where is my intention. So, If you fix it as soon you will feel very relaxed and happy.

Not only in college life but all time because one thing that you remove completely from your bad habits is Face Fear.

The question is, How to fix it ?Answer is very simple meet with many peoples around you including teachers and seniors again and again.


I think everyone is suffered with this even me also.It’s also increases depression in student life.

Mainly boy’s student faced this problem but it doesn’t mean that girls don’t face it. 

They also but I am not here to reveal secret of girls.

If you are boys your opposite gender is girls and if this article read by girls then your opposite gender is boys, its very simple.

How to get out of it, actually its also a part of Face Fear but its very important to remove it.

You know very well why is it important to win over this problem.

Here few points that will help you to win over the gender fear:-

  • First, if you can not face a girls/boys directly send friend request on social media and chat with her/him
  • Involve yourself in parties, function and meet with him/her in crowd
  • You can write latter to her/him and ask them for a date
  • In class you can discuss various subject to him/her

Above ways is sufficient for a students to be a master of talking to opposite gender.


Every student have a dream of good job and getting placed in good company.

And the bitter truth is only few of them get hired by the company, rest are jobless, my aim is not to scare you but tell you the truth.

Those student who win the above two points, chances increases to qualify interview but it does not mean to finally get hired.

You need to be skilled by soft and hard both.

But my question is why are you only looking only for job. Bundle of opportunity is waiting for you, don’t follow the sheep, open your eyes and mind.

Look what companies are doing? How these companies are earning and what is the source of their earning.

Founder of any company are not God. He is also a human being and was a student like you.

The difference is, instead of choosing a rough job, they chooses to start a business.

And now, they is running the company successfully and living extraordinary life.

My intention is not to push you for starting a business and make big company.

The world is filled with lots of other opportunity through which you can live better life than job and you will become your own boss.

Last but not the least…


Curriculum activity in you college , it will make you strong by soft side and you have a team to talk, play and party with them and this way, no chances to get depressed.


Today’s education system is totally broken but if you are in this broken education system and want to live in without any depression and stress.

Then you have to set a goal for every day, every month and every year.

So that you able to engage yourself with Productive work experience during your college life.

if you are busy today , surely next day is totally free for you.Skilled yourself not for other but for your own goal that’s the real student do”

Never Stop learning

A study finds that Depression in student life is increasing due to many reasons.Here the link

Thank You for your attention.

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  1. Varun Gupta says:

    I found your article very informative and one shouldn’t hesitate to imbibe these qualities you
    mentioned. One should comply these in one’s day to day life.
    Very helpful thanks .Please make us feel proud by writing more articles like this .
    Great initiative.

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